by Trevor Coleman & Co.

PolyNation 08:29
PolyPsyclic 06:43
PolyPsyclic lyrics by Trevor Coleman based on a poem by W.B.Yeats Who will drive you now? And pierce the deepest dark and woven shade And dance upon the shore Young soul, lift up your eyes Brood not hopes and fears And no more turn aside, the psycle’s mood Embrace love’s mystery For change is preordained And rules your shadowed world, enlightened mind and wandering path Original W.B.Yeats Poem Who Goes With Fergus Who will go drive with Fergus now, And pierce the deep wood’s woven shade, And dance upon the level shore? Young man, lift up your russet brow, And lift your tender eyelids, maid, And brood on hopes and fear no more. And no more turn aside and brood Upon love’s bitter mystery; For Fergus rules the brazen cars, And rules the shadows of the wood, And the white breast of the dim sea And all dishevelled wandering stars.
Addiction to Life Lyrics: Trevor Coleman Wind whistling through an iron windmill Gather in your skins Cuddle and Muddle mingle the exposed flesh frost bites, and simmers a great weight ready to dissipate After the big sleep and before the big leap caught in a twilight zone The dawning of our own addiction to life White flakes of frozen thought linger then disappear a momentary flash a recurring idea We, the controllers and controlled, are moving forward It is nature, the very first word Now the wind whistles a higher pitch and triggers an eerie overtone Icy reverberation around the iron windmill whispered strands from memory glands like scattered sounds reflect the first tone Mother Earth is singing and groaning turning a polycycle returning to a beginning After the big sleep and before the big leap caught in a twilight zone The dawning of our own addiction to life
PolyPhasic 05:45
PolyCentric 06:06
PolyIntegrate Lyrics by Trevor Coleman People are leaving boarding the boat dark waters forced exodus No going forward No going back No good-byes No bon voyage Hope seeker branded by the stigma of victimhood No place on solid ground To be stranded from the land of the living and left by the wayside —————————————— People arriving leaving the boat safe landing soft integrate Navigate future include the past say farewell greet new home Hope seeker founded on a network of soul support Earth is a common ground To be called forth to the land of the living and polyintegrated
PolyBrubeck 06:32
PolyGone 04:50
‘PolyGone’ music & lyrics: Trevor Coleman shifting shapes and figurines altered states and realities holy cross and trinity a buddha smile serenity a mother cries a child is born a delicate balance is formed an alien can travel time a temporal breach, a subtle sign crystal ball in a honey comb a modulating polygone -solos- shifting shapes and figurines altered states and realities holy cross and trinity two soldiers greet, a truce in fire re-align the line that trips the wire crystal ball in a honey comb a modulating polygone
PolyMorphism 07:00
The Sound of Jazz by Trevor Coleman It swings like Ellington sings like a mockingbird grooves like a steamboat and flies like Charlie P Grateful as a spiritual eternal as a prelude burns like bebop cool like Miles D Blue like an evergreen Rondo a la Turk Return to Forever immortal like Billie H It breaths like an overtone organic like a dream as blessed as a child and sad as a blues queen As humble as silence and sits like a raga committed like Coltrane and bold like a saga The sound of Jazz at every tone and layer the beat of heart rhythm that rhymes like a prayer (repeat the lines in reverse order)
Stay with me 06:25
Stay with me words & music: Trevor Coleman All this time I thought you were gone no messages, no sound of return Now I hear you’ve been here all along hiding out, in the shadows of time We faced our fears and trusted in pain a reminder of, how much we gained We talked in rhymes and laughed on a beat all the while, riding on a dream Then one day after one more broken heart the change came on, and your eyes looked away Coming home to a hallway of emptiness all sign of you, remained as a memory ————solo————— All this time I thought you were gone no messages, no sound of return Now I hear, you’ve been waiting all along hiding out, in the shadows of time Does this mean that hope is a key? and after all, what is lost can still be found I pray for peace and the wisdom to see the inner-sense of what’s meant to be Underneath the hurt alongside the pain a beauty shared, and long years of growing up And now we’re here a crossroad in our story we can hold the form, embrace the rhyme and reason All this time I thought you were gone and now I hear, you may want to stay you may want to stay All this time, you were never gone and now I know, you’re here to stay you’re here to stay


Polycyclic Jazz: Part II of the Polycyclic Trilogy

Polycyclic Jazz: each musician performs and
improvises a particular cycle, or time frame,
simultaneously aware of, and interacting with
others in the group holding different time frames,
encouraging strength of individual in a complex,
fluid and inter-dependent environment.
The resulting amalgamation represents an
intelligible yet expanded dimension of potentiality.


released February 28, 2017

Designed, composed, engineered, edited, mixed
and produced by Trevor Coleman in
New Zealand, Australia, Germany and Spain.

My deepest gratitude to the participating

Abigail Knudson: Vocals
Tracks 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 10, 11

Nick Cornish: Soprano & Alto Saxes
Tracks 1, 3, 5, 7

Mike Schweizer: Tenor Sax
Tracks 2, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10

Craig Walters: Tenor Sax
Tracks 11, 12

Alfonso Rios: Congas
Tracks 1, 5, 6

Trevor Coleman:
Piano, Keyboards, Trumpet,
Basses, Drums, Percussion
All Tracks

Mastering: Roman Beilharz, Uvasonar, Germany;
Album design and graphics: Trevor Coleman;
Graphic mastering: Manson Wright;
heartfelt thanks to Ika Peuckert, Anthony Ritchie,
Otago University and all other contributors for
invaluable support.

Further information: www.trevorcoleman.co.nz

CDs available from:
www.cdbaby.com/cd/trevorcoleman9 (USA)
www.relicsmusic.co.nz/products/colemantrevorpolynationcdnew (New Zealand)


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



Trevor Coleman New Zealand

Trevor Coleman, 3 times Emmy Award nominated composer, is now based in Seville, Spain.
As Jazz Keyboardist & Trumpeter he has performed extensively throughout Europe, USA and Australasia.

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