PolyNation 02:50
Desire 05:31
FalaZaFala 04:01
Wave by wave [Fala za fala] Lyrics by Beata Bocek wiem, ze znasz moje sny (I know you know my dream) ogladasz moje zdjecia (by the way you look at my photos) znasz je na spamiec )like you know them by heart) bo kochasz moj usmiech (and how you love my smile) opowiadasz mi o nich (then you tell me about it) Jak czynia Cie szczesliwym (and how it makes you happy) A ja usmiecham sie do Ciebie (and then I smile at you) Chorus: Moze bedzie slonce zachodzic (Maybe the sun will go down) Moze bedzie fala za fala (Maybe it will be wave by wave) Moze bedzie morze przychodzic (Maybe the sea will arrive) A w oceanie bedziemy plywac (And when we swim in the ocean) Slowa takie jakie sa, mam na sercu, mam na glowie, mam w sercu (Words upon my heart, in my head, then in my heart) Moga zdac mi sie, ze sda dla mie stworzone (as if they were only meant for me) -Chorus- Ale, ale wiem ze odchodzisz (but I know you are leaving) Juz nieprzyjdziesz do mie (and you will not visit my shore, anymore) Tylko fala za fala (Only wave by wave)
One Moment 03:41
ONE MOMENT music & lyrics by Trevor Coleman A clear blue night on the wooded plain the moon is near and far My bow is arched and arrow aimed I shoot a falling star A blinking eye is all it takes to see One moment here is all it takes to be I drift across the open sea horizon rainbow gold I cast the spell of a sailors dream embrace a love untold A blinking eye is all it takes to see One moment here is all it takes to be I gaze upon the fire light that warms the heart so dear The mystery of fleeting life stills in a vision clear A blinking eye is all it takes to see One moment here is all it takes to be
PolyAnatolia 09:22
In my Room 06:22
In My Room music & lyrics by Trevor Coleman In my room glorious sameness Playpen bars Fortified saneness In my room yellow oasis Soft cell padding Rectangular playfulness From my room I greet you From my sanctum I see you From your room You touch mine Your safe surround Looks much like mine The corners merge in cautious curves Where borders meet on delicate nerves I reach across a probing touch a breath of skin A hint of much, more Unhook the latch The playdoor swings Our rooms are bigger Than the ones we were in In my room Across from yours one moment we shared one moment we shared
Untouchable 03:49
Czekam 06:02
Czekam lyrics by Beata Bocek   Daleko na wyspie, czekam aż popisze swój biały papier. (Far away on one island, Im waiting to cover my white paper with signs)   Daleko na wyspach, czekam aż popisze swój pusty biały papier. (Far away on islands, Im waiting to cover my white empty paper)   By stał się kolorowym, (I wish it to be colored)   Takim jakim ja chcę że by był, (As I wish it to be)   Takich pełnych snów kolorowych mych. (Full of my colourful dreams)   Słowa na mym białym papierze pokażą mi, w którą strone iść. (Words on my white paper will show me where to go) Daleko na wyspie, czekam aż przelecę na dalszą  wyspe. (Faraway on island, Im waiting to fly on another island)   Daleko na wyspach, czekam aż przelecę na dalsze wyspy. (Faraway on islands, Im waiting to fly on another islands)    Czekam, czekam, lecę, czekam, lecę, lecę. (Im waiting, Im waiting, I fly, I fly)
Ojcowski dom - Fathers home  Lyrics by Jan Kubisz & Trevor Coleman 1. Ojcowski dom to istny raj (Fathers home, it’s like eden) Dar Ojca Niebieskiego (it’s a gift from god) Chociaż byś przeszedł cały świat (even if you travel the whole wide world) Nie znajdziesz piękniejszego (you will not find a more beautiful home) There's a house on a street There's a street in a village The village has a name and it's known in the town There's a town on a hill There's a hill on the land The land has a name and it's known over the river There's a river runs through It divides and it joins The river has a name And it's known over the sea The sea has a rock There's a rock in a sea The sea has a name And it's known by many There are many in the city and most of the town Everyone in the village will see the wall tumble down There are 7 in the street There are 4 in the house There are 2 in the room in the middle there is 1 The 1 has a name and it's known by many and many have a name and it's known by one There are many in the city and most of the town Everyone in the village will see the wall tumble down  2. A gdy ci przyjdzie wynijść stąd ( And when you have to leave from here) I odejść w świat daleki (and travel far away) Ojcowski dom dziecino miej (Fathers home, will stay) W pamięci swej na wieki. (with you forever)  
Touch 04:21 video


Polycyclic World Music: Part III of the Polycyclic Trilogy

While touring New Zealand singer Beata Bocek, on a 'chance' meeting, spent 2 3-day sessions
in Trevor Coleman's studio, vocalizing and improvising over his polycyclic compositions.
Polycycles: timeframes of different lengths, simultaneously interacting, coinciding.
Played by instrumentalists from 3 corners of the globe, One Moment is a
celebration of spontaneity, of beauty within complexity, of planetary peace.


released February 28, 2017

Beata Bocek (CR): vocals

Trevor Coleman (NZ):
keyboards, basses, percussion, production

Nick Cornish (GB): oboe, soprano & alto saxes

Heleen Du Plessis (SA): cello

Rafael García Fontaiña (SP): percussion

Recorded at: TColeman music studio, Dunedin, New Zealand, engineer Trevor Coleman
& estudio la bodega, Jerez, Spain, engineer Josema Pelayo;
Mastering: Roman Beilharz, Uvasonar, Germany;
Album design: Trevor Coleman with art excerpts from Kandinsky & Frankenhaler;
Graphics Production: Manson Wright;
Gracias Ika Peuckert, Anthony Ritchie, Otago University
and everyone who gave invaluable support along the way.

Composition & Lyrics: Trevor Coleman
Lyrics: Beata Bocek

© 2017 Trevor Coleman GEMA#786146

CDs available from:
www.cdbaby.com/cd/beatabocek (USA)
www.relicsmusic.co.nz/products/colemantrevorbeatabocekonemomentcdnew (New Zealand)


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



Trevor Coleman New Zealand

Trevor Coleman, 3 times Emmy Award nominated composer, is now based in Seville, Spain.
As Jazz Keyboardist & Trumpeter he has performed extensively throughout Europe, USA and Australasia.

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